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Mikey -

How precious is this little old man? Mikey is 15+ years old according to the vet and was found in an old, abandoned house more than a year ago; I think it was last March or April. When he arrived, poor Mikey was terrified. He was disgustingly dirty and smelly, had horrible, rotted teeth, and was covered in fleas with his hair all matted. Noone knows how he got inside that old house, nor how long he had been there before being rescued. But he was traumatized when found and he still has issues with his fear. Some of the fear comes from his vision loss, but he just cannot allow himself to completely relax with any of us. He is closer to me than anyone else, but he still will flinch the moment I touch him. After the initial interaction, Mikey will usually settle down and allow me to hold him without acting like he is being tortured, and at times he looks like he is really enjoying the special attention. Shortly after Mikey came home with us, we decided to start having him sleep on our bed with us. We already have Rosie and Bama on our bed, so our thoughts were that Mikey would learn to relax if he spent more time with us and it seemed to work very well. He will even snuggle against me on some nights.

Sarah has always dictated when it is bedtime, and she is very demanding when she is ready to "call it a night". Once she gives out the beagle girl call, I start shutting down my computer and getting the other babies settled in their beds in the family room, then I head toward the bedroom. Sarah, Rosie and Bama have always run ahead of me to the bedroom as they anxiously wait for me to get in the room and put them in bed. I started adding Mikey to the group by carrying him to the bedroom, but now days Mikey joins the others as he happily jogs toward the bedroom with his little nubby tail wagging. Sarah has her own baby bed to sleep on and the other 3 get hoisted onto my bed, AFTER they get belly bands and diapers on. Although their pants are usually dry in the morning, I just do not trust putting these senior babies on my bed without the extra protection. Once they are all settled in bed with a nightly denta stick, I usually get a shower and lay down on the bed to watch tv with my little group until Tommy comes to bed. Although they are all settled and relaxed in their cozy spaces, Rosie always had to get up and give Tommy a goodnight kiss when he lays down. All 3 of the little ones sleep on the foot of our bed, but Rosie will usually snuggle against my legs during the night. When it is cold weather, Mikey usually sleeps against me or Tommy, but since the weather has gotten so warm, he has decided he doesn't need to snuggle.

Poor, sweet Mikey is going through doggy dementia and gets a bit confused at times, but he is still like the little train that could, and he is still chugging along. It seems that the dementia is allowing him to free his mind of the negative things that once consumed him and allows him to relax and find peace.

We are so very blessed to share our home with so many amazing animals, and sweet little guys like Mikey make this journey so rewarding. Although Mikey is barely 5 pounds, he is taking up a whole lotta space in my heart.

Since it is about "that time", I need to sign off this computer and start getting all these babies settled in that sleep in the family room. I see Sarah has raised her head from her cozy spot on the couch and she should begin making the move toward the floor where she will stretch, sneeze a few times and then stare at me before beginning the demanding song that we have all become accustomed to around here. lol Hope you all have a blessed evening and remember to Pay it Forward.

Please remember that we are still struggling to pay the vetting and medication bills, and purchase food, pee pads and other supplies around here and could really use any help we can get.


Mail: Sandy Wayne, Inc., 60 Old Pike Road, Brent, Alabama 35034


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