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LUMPY - The Big Brother

Lumpy is such a wonderful big brother to all the babies, even those silly goats! He LOVES all of his babies and protects them with his life. He gets so excited when we take baby chicks from the incubator and wants to be the first one to give them kisses. I am sure it is a little scary to some of the smaller babies when they see that huge tongue headed toward their tiny bodies. Most of them just squint and wait for the slobber to end. He is very gentle most of the time, but occasionally we have to remind him to be easy because they are "babies". Sam had very little time to spend with baby Lumpy before he headed to the bridge, but it seems Sam taught sweet Lumpy enough that he could take the reins when Sam left us.

I always worried how I would be able to handle all of this without Sam, after all, he helped me start this mission. I knew Lumpy would be our best option for Sam's substitute, but I never dreamt he would have the "natural" abilities that our Sam did, but I know God did. I think God created ole Sam AND Lumpy for this particular purpose, just like he did Sandy Wayne. Lumpy has been able to bring comfort to some babies who arrive very confused and afraid. They seem to know what his role is as soon as they arrive, and they all seem to love him as much as he loves them. Just look at the way baby Earl (Goat) is looking at Lumpy. He knows there is no need to fear this gentle soul.

Hope you all are having a great week. Remember to Pay it Forward.

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