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ANDY - Look Out World, Here He Comes

Our boy Andy, aka Andy Pants has made such an amazing comeback following his surgery. Most of you may remember that Andy came to us a few weeks ago with a very sad diagnosis. We were told that Andy was found starving and very emaciated, had a mouth full of rotting teeth with a lot of infection in his mouth, horrible skin issues and full of fleas and parasites. His rescuer promised this sweet old man that she would help get him well, and then would also help him find his forever home. The process of getting Andy in better physical shape took several months, but as they were about ready to begin the process of looking for his forever home, they discovered an odd and suspicious lump on his bottom. After his doctors evaluated it, they determined it to be cancer and felt Andy's life span would be just a few months at most. Fearing that Andy would not find that forever home his rescuer remembered she had worked with the Sandy Wayne Sanctuary a few years earlier and decided to contact me to see if we could help Andy. Without even meeting this sweet boy, we agreed to bring him home with us and give him as much love and happiness we could until it was time for him to head to the Rainbow Bridge.

We watched Andy for a few days so we would have a better idea of info that we could share with our vet when we took him in for an evaluation and a maintenance plan to help keep him comfortable, pain free, and happy as we waited for the angels to come for him. We could tell that Andy had a lot of determination and will to survive. The lump had turned into a ruptured lesion that looked awful, but once our vets at Hope Clinic checked him out, they told us they could surgically remove the tumor and give Andy a better quality of life. We agreed to the surgery and had it scheduled right away. Our amazing vet, Dr. David Fuller told me that he felt really good about the results. He feels he was able to REMOVE ALL OF THE TUMOR and that it likely has not spread to other parts of the body. Andy's prognosis is now so much brighter, and we are hoping for a much longer time here on earth with Mr. Andy Pants. The surgery site is a very large area and looked pretty painful when Andy came home, but this sweet old man was not willing to throw in the towel and pushed himself to gaining strength. It didn't take long before Andy was moving around the yard at a happy looking pace, then suddenly he began to run. Much like Forest Gump, Andy Pants LOVES to run, and he looks like he is smiling the whole time he is running. We are just a little more than one week post-surgery, and this boy has made so much progress already. I have no doubt that Andy Pants will be with us for a lot longer than originally thought, and the best part of this story is: Andy DID find his forever home. Once he stepped foot inside our doors, Andy was home and is so very loved.

Andy is just one of the many examples of what love can do to make their lives full and happy. Andy is 14 years old, but he has the heart and soul of a youngster. My heart smiles every time I look into that beautiful little face, and I give thanks for God sending yet another of his special angels to us. We hope you all will hang around and help us cheer Andy on and watch his progress. Have a wonderful evening and remember to Pay it Forward

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